Wednesday, July 07, 2010


It was an exciting soccer evening yesterday. The Netherlands made it till the final match. Who wins is never 100% clear before the match. Luck is always part of each match. This evening Germany will play against Spain, oh  this is even more exciting ........

On my schedule in the morning is Mysore class: I will focus on the breath. The breath will initiate each movement. I will hear the sound of the breathing. I will take care that inhaling is equally long as exhaling.

The numbers of Mysore classes before the summer break are counted. Summer break is from August on. Then I must be disciplined again and step on my mat here alone. This is finally the goal and one of the reasons why I love Ashtanga yoga (and not tennis i.e.). I only need a mat and a bit of time and I can practice.

However my practice may be, important is to practice. Every practice counts.

Time for a second cup of coffee.

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Alice said...

I really like your blog; I've been looking at it over the last couple of days, since I found it. Thanks for posting...I find it inspirational.

As for the breathing: I can never remember to focus on it! I suppose it's because I'm quite new to Yoga, and I'm busy concentrating on the poses. I bet you remember much more often than I do.

I also love the fact that I can do my yoga with just myself and a mat. I also like that it makes me much more aware of my body, and I appreciate the sense of achievement it gives me. Not to mention the fact that there is always room for improvement...I like that.

Good luck with the football. It's a good team you have (as we found out!) I'm in the UK.

Ursula said...

That's how it is, especially when you practice Ashtanga yoga. The asanas are demanding in the beginning. It often needs all the attention, simply to do it.
Nevertheless it is good to know where the journey leads...

And, next time try to remember the breath as the breath helps to perform an asana. Inhaling means stretching, making hte body long, exhaling means going deeper into an asana and to let go....

Have fun.