Thursday, July 01, 2010


How I  was confused yesterday. I relaxed already. All these online activities made me crazy. I feel refreshed again after having slept. Sigh.

Blogs: The wonderful thing here is, I can write as much as I want. There are no limits.
1.The main motivation in the beginning was to support my daily yoga practice.
2.Then I realized that writing publicly is a lot of fun.
3.Since last month I want to make money with my blog. I created new blogs for that reason with other topics.

Reluctantly I joined, now I like it.
1. I can stay in contact with people easily. This is insofar good for me as I know people worldwide.
2. It's easy to get to know new people via other people i.e. or groups.
3. I also like it that I can connect with my favourite authors or favourite yoga teachers.

As different people are, so different is their approach to facebook and how they behave. The stories that I can tell about facebook can fill an evening. It's a reason to meet me in person......hahahahaha

My young Indian friend M convinced me that I have to join. I joined. And now I tweet. Here I have less place to express myself verbally.
1. Many use twitter to promote their business, blogs, websites. This can be interesting.

I am still learning how I can use this tool. Obviously the world has waited till the time was mature to tweet.
My twitter name: UrsulaUrsula100.
This is more and more an issue to find a name. All names seem to be taken already.

I became a feeder:
- food for my bf
- water for my flowers
- words and pictures for my blog readers, fb-friends and twitterers. Hahahaha.

.....and now it's about connecting everything..........hahahaha.

A book on blogs:

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