Monday, July 26, 2010

Ashtanga yoga

I wanted to take a pic of myself doing yoga, but it was enough this morning. I went to a Mysore class and practiced second series. It was an intensive practice and my body has enough now. Haha.
I feel a bit stress for the time being (there is so much I want to do), but as soon as I stepped on the mat this morning, I was calm and I practiced slowly. I took away all the speed that I feel. Slowly I inhaled and exhaled and slowly I moved my body with the breath. I have time, I thought. The morning are dedicated to my Ashtanga practice. Nothing else. Afterwards I can hurry again.
When I practice slower all the asanas seem to be easier.

At the end I got surprised by M. He taught me the last asana of the second series. I have to look up the name: it is supta urdhva pada vajrasana (to remember the Sanskrit name of this asana is an exercise for the mind.). My Ashtanga wish for 2010 is almost fulfilled. I wanted to exercise all the asanas of the second series. Only the headstands are missing now. Oh, I am not able to do all these poses, but I exercise them. I am convinced: only when I exercise them I will finally be able to do them.

My practice was excellent today, not because it was a perfect practice. My arm joints hurt and were swollen. Why ever. My body has the right to hurt from time to time. My practice was a perfect practice because I was sooooooooo content with what was. Accept what is, I think so often, and today I thought it's great that I can be on my mat that I can move my body. I was content with my current level and possibilities. What was possible at that given moment was simply OK. I adjusted my practice to the moment and how I felt today (joints hurt). I focused on the breath and was attentive. I knew that it was good to practice and so it was. These Ashtanga series are a gift for the world.


OldBoy said...

Nice to see that earlier yoga was taught by taught by beautiful women.Hope u dnt mind my comments....but simply like your all posts and you....

Ursula said...

Thank you, you are very sweet! :)

OldBoy said...


A big NAMASTE to you.