Friday, July 23, 2010

Thursday, my most intensive yoga day

1. In the morning I practiced at home. I practiced till kapotasana. Back bending shall improve. At 11:30 my yoga session had to be finished as I expected a  plumber. Hahahaha. My body was flexible, I sweated a lot.

2. In the evening I went to a led class and this was also a very intensive yoga session. Very intensive and sweaty. My new yoga clothes (green and dark lilac) were wet afterwards. Sweating is part of yoga.
I complimented a yogi because of his progress that I've seen. He complimented me back. But it is true, we all improved. We all leaped ahead. This is the work of teacher M: His teaching is generous, individual, supporting, experienced, giving..............(I could go on and on.)
I know that my practice has improved:
- I got stronger, I engage my legs nowadays when practicing.
- I take care of the right vinyasa count.
- I practice much more asanas (second series) which had a positive influence on the asanas of the first series.I got more flexible.
- Especially my back bending got better due to the right adjustments.

Oh, and now I prepare myself mentally for a Mysore class, the last one of this week.
Shall my attitude be: take it easy.

E is back, and we'll go out this evening. Hahahaha, yeah, this is wonderful.

Picture: an ice cream parlor in the north of Germany, offering also vegan ice cream

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