Friday, July 16, 2010

Ashtanga primary series takes 80 min

Firday is my primary day. I went to a Mysore class. It was a sweaty practice this morning. Excellent so to say.
I looked at the watch:
1. For primary I need 70 min without 10 min relaxation.
2. For second series I need 90 min without relaxation even though 2 asanas and the headstands are still not practiced. When I practice second series I need more time, because I practice slower as it is more challenging than primary.

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Quentin said...

Primary series time length varies depending upon the pace for SS-A and SS-B, this I have noticed doing a led class. Pace is varied depending upon Dosha type majority of students in the class. Kapha types need fast pace, vatas need slow pace with emphasis on grounding. Pitta is medium pace. This we learn in Ayurveda yoga theraphy. I just wonder if Mysore when you went there and took classes with Sherath or Sarisswati how the pace was for their led classes, or for Mysore if pace was same for each person in the class?