Monday, July 12, 2010

Second Ashtanga series

Only 9 times Mysore class before the summer break. This is not much. Then I'll be on my own for 2 months. Perhaps we ambitious and committed yogis and yoginis rent a room again for our practices. To practice with a group intensifies the own yoga practice. To meet my yoginis at least once a week would be great. Let's see. I also like to practice on my own. Then I can take pictures of myself. This was always useful.

Practicing first series yesterday prepared my body for an intensive yoga practice today. I'll practice second series again.

World Cup is over......:) It has been a lot of fun again to watch.

I'm sweating.

Oh, I'll have a lot to do this week........The pile of papers was just smiling at me........OK, I'll smile back and attack it this afternoon. It has to be.

Mr Iyengar:
This was my first yoga book. I bought it more than 20 years ago. I still have it and from time to time I look into it. I have the German edition. It's good because of the pictures. Iyengar shows 200 asanas. And I like it because it is mentioned which positive effect each asana has on the body.

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