Saturday, July 17, 2010

Saturday evening

F greeted me with the words: "In my next life I want to be reborn as a woman and as the girlfriend of E."
He continued: "Then I could travel a lot, I would also write a book."

We laughed. F's wife envied me a bit because E wanted me to accompany him on his business trips to the US and everywhere in the past, while F travelled alone. I think F made more or less an allusion that I do not work for an employer for the time being and not that he could travel a lot as the girlfriend of E, because he is travelling a lot. His wife has seen the world, too, but I travelled a bit more.

I am so sure that F wouldn't be happy at all if he had to live my life in the last 13 years or now.
I am so sure we are all in love with our own issues, our own life challenges, our own problems, our own joys, nobody likes to have those of someone else.

F has gained weight again. He is convinced it is because of the beverages. And: He is playing golf now and no more tennis. This can also be a reason for the additional kilos. But we are all convinced that it is good to be in the fresh air.
I couldn't convince A to join me to one of my "hardcore" yoga classes. It would be so good for her back.

Our topics (as always) but always interesting: health, travelling, jobs, people we know, food, age (A has her 50th birthday this year and she is not so enthusiastic about it. It's not that bad, I tried to convince her).

We enjoyed the full programme as feared: starter, main course, dessert, wine, grapa. I tried something new yesterday: pasta with chantarelle. As so often I was surprised how good it was to try something new. It needn't to be penne al'arrabiata each time I am in an Italian restaurant. It's advisable to try something new from time to time, not only re food. The result can be surprisingly good.

Today I don't practice yoga. I love it. Suddenly I have time.......

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