Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Practice slowly

"Practice slowly", M told us today in the Mysore class after our common chanting. I added for myself: "And take it easy". It was one of the practices where I was already happy only because I went through all these asanas. Already after having greeted the sun (slowly of course), I felt how a few drops of water were running down my body. "I am sweating," I thought.
Even on such a lame practice day I had highlights: pincha mayurasana was good i.e.
I knew that I would practice till the end, even though it was hard today. When in a group I don't stop in the middle of a practice (group pressure.....hahahaha).

To open the shoulders and the chest is my challenge. Some additional exercises are planned. It is important for urdhva dhanurasana and kapotasana. I have the feeling as if I need 4 more years till I'll be able to do kapotasana. However, to bend backwards feels good.
I do not carry around books in my handbag anymore, so that my shoulder can relax. I don't read anymore during commuting time as it is a bit complicated with my glasses that I need for reading. Why carrying books around then. I can observe my breath when I am bored.....hahahahaha.

Yeah, I'll take a nap now.

A portrait of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois trough the eyes of his students:
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rhh said...

"Practice slowly"


Todays lesson -- What great words of wisdom.


Armonia said...

Hi! There are a lot of asanas to open your shoulders and cheast. You can try: gomukhasana, adho mukha svanasana, matsyasana and urdhva dhanurasana :)

(Posizioni yoga)

bindifry said...

no hurry, no worries. agree with that.
kapotasana 4 years? no way. just relax & breathe. i find many students freak out in that pose so it is impossible to do. the back won't bend when fear is allowed to manifest.
at least that's my experience.

Ursula said...

@Armonia: yes, especially urdhva dhanurasana is great, but here I have the same issue, I must open more when I want to come up to a standing position

@bindifry: this is what M said to me. Something holds me back to open the chest.