Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Only my blanket separates my heels from the floor. But I still need the blanket, otherwise I roll back.
20 sec I had to get into this pose. This is so not at all much time: stepping on the mat, exhaling while going into the pose, going back on the heels, inhaling, done. To hesitate only for a fracture of a second means the 20 sec are over before I am in that pose. Yeah, the fingers hook, one day one hand will hold the wrist of the other hand.

1. Ah the heat is good and helpful.
2. My weight pleases me, too.

3. I think I can still work on the ankle between upper feet and shin bone. To do this I make downward facing dog, feet step away from the hands till the heels cannot touch the floor anymore. Then I try to bring them down. When they touch the floor, I step the feet a bit more backwards and again I try to bring the heels to the floor.

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