Tuesday, July 06, 2010


It was still foggy in the morning yesterday at my parents home. The picture is taken in the garden of my parents. In big cities (where I live) fog does simply not exist. Neighbours exist and mine just woke up. Why I know this? Music is on now. I can here it because my balcony doors are open. We can expect another sunny day here.....:)

Yep, 3 points let me hope that I will have a good practice:
1. the weather,
2. my light-hearted attitude and
3. the weight (hahahahaha).

One point will probably make my practice demanding. I haven't practiced for 3 days. Perhaps this has helped my overstretched right leg to heal.

Time to move on with my morning routine. Journalling first, then yoga. It is planned to start with the CD by Sharath. It won't give me much time to think. Breaks are not possible either. This is a good focused start.

Ah, I am ready.......

Ashtanga yoga, second series:

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