Saturday, July 31, 2010

No yoga today, but cleaning, cleaning, cleaning....

Today is Saturday and it is my yoga free day. Not that I have nothing to do. I was busy till now and it is 4:30pm already. And now I need a break that I spend in front of the PC. It was my cleaning day. I built up the shelf. I needed my arm muscles to do this, was I glad that I am so strong due to my yoga practice.

It is so great here in my villa motley, it's clean here, and I could put a lot of books on the new shelf. One pile of books I must sell online. Only 3 piles of books are still under my desk. Ah, I'd say this was a successful day.

I almost broke my second toe this morning. This is a warning. Most accidents happen in the housholds. I stumbled over my own red handbag. The grip came between my toes and I couldn't walk anymore. In the last second before falling I could free my foot. It hurt, I even had to express this pain loudly. Till now it hurts. I just tested a surya namaskara A. Sigh, it is possible.

"To become essential" was the motto of the day. I gave away a lot of clothes, the process of decluttering must go on. I walk through the rooms and I am somehow satisfied, our work can be seen, and our work can be smelled. It's freshness that I sense everywhere. My balcony doors are also open. Ah.

There is still a lot to do: no coffee is at home and a few other things need to be refilled, too.

This evening E and I will meet relatives of him, very nice ones. We'll go to our favourite Italian restaurant. That was it then........:)


divya said...

I read your yoga blog and it is really inspiring. Well, I appreciate your practice and I too have started blogging about my yoga practice.
Love from India,

Ursula said...

Wonderful, I love to read this. Have fun with both, yoga and blogging.....

I also appreciate very much how we all are connected.
Love from Germany