Monday, July 19, 2010


Yeah, up.
I practiced primary yesterday in the afternoon. I practiced with care as my right leg is still overstretched. It takes long till it is healed. I must be patient. This afternoon practice prepared my body for the intensive second series, today. Only 2 more weeks and then M is on vacation. Then I will have to practice alone without these perfect adjustments. I hope my back bending won't stagnate......

Yes, today I go to a Mysore class. It is as if I go to work, only much much better.

Yesterday I got a comment on a post from 2006. A reader started reading my blog from the beginning on and read about my challenge to be focused. He (Krishna) gave good advice, I like to forward it:

Ashtanga yoga is all in one:
1. This means we exercise the body with the asanas.
2. We do pranayama - uddjay breathing.
3. We exercise the mind with the dristhis and with focus on the breathing i.e..
This can be very challenging especially in the beginning. It can be helpful to practice these disciplines isolated. I think this is true.
It motivates me to integrate an short evening routine with a few sun salutations (so that sitting in lotus pose becomes easy), 10 min pranayama and 10 min meditation.

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Bettina said...

Hi Ursula,

I'm sorry that you've still problems with your leg. Since I've been struggling with hamstring injuries for years (!) now, I consider myself as some kind of expert in this field ;-)
Most important is that you do not practice with pain. You should step back in your practice so far that you don't feel pain during the practice even if this means that the leg is bent in many positions or the hands are not at the feet but at the knee for example.
This is most difficult for us ambitious Yoginis, I know, but otherwise your leg cannot heal. Perhaps you can use the break of your Mysore classes for taking these measures.
The second step is doing a lot of strengthening exercises for the hamstrings. I cannot explain anatomically why this is so important but the effect is amazing. You can either integrate a lot of suitable asanas into your practice (like Salabhasana e.g.) but I would even recommend to do a separate exercise with a "Theraband".
Meanwhile I go to the gym just for strengthening the hamstrings and it helps a lot. If you're interested in details, let me know.
Massages with castor oil can also be very beneficial.
I hope it will get better soon. You should really take care that it is cured completely otherwise you might have problems with it forever (like me :-/ ).

Ursula said...

Hi Bettina,
Thank you very much for your comment.
Yeah, my right leg is not 100% OK. I know that I have to take care of it. It is also my experienced that it is very important to engage the muscles when stretching.

Not to go to the limits is difficult. The summer break with the more modest practices might be good for me.......:)

I have heard a lot of castor oil. I did not know that it is available here, too. I will get it. Yeah, patience is needed. Hahahaha. My challenge

Happy practices to you and hopefully your are soon 100% OK, too.


Debb said...

Just want to let any readers know that I have this mat and it is incredible! The mat does not slip around at all. It helps with a grounding feeling. I did get the 85 inch long one. Although, whatever was I thinking? I could be 7 feet tall for this mat, a 71 inch would be sufficient.

Ursula said...

Thank you Debb, I am glad that you like it.....:)

A good yoga mat is important.
Ursula said...

Hi Ursula,
I actually think we have a similar problem, except I'm struggling with my left leg! I agree with Bettina about strengthening the leg. I am currently alternating my yoga practice with Pilates training using a Theraband, and find this has helped immensely. It's also given me a new dimension of strength and balance to my yoga practice...keep well...peace, Mary

Ursula said...

Hi Mary, soon I will have almost home practices for a while. My practices will be a bit calmer. I am sure then my leg will be OK.

Get better soon, too. I think we both need a bit of patience.

And I agree: srength is very good.