Thursday, July 01, 2010

Led class

Oh, yes, this was enough yoga for today. The weather is a great support. The body is bendier when it is hot. Oh and I sweated, which is part of the practice. When I was in sirsasana, I felt how drops of water were wandering on my body. Neverhteless I was 2 min in sirsasana (headstand). Often I give up earlier.

It will take me another year till I will be able to come up form urdhva dhanurasana (I thought so today). It doesn't matter. Slow progress can be felt and I like the pose more and more........:) Good things need time.

Yeah, and tomorrow I'll go to a Mysore class, afterwardsI have to hurry. We'll drive to the north of Germany again, it's party time in the evening. On Saturday is soccer time and on Sunday we'll drive back home. My yoga mat will come with me. I will have enough time to practice. My PC will stay at home. It's a blogger break of 2 days.....:)

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