Thursday, July 15, 2010

Learning by studying yoga pictures

Yesterday I published two pictures: one of B.K.S. Iyengar doing navasana and one of me doing navasana. I compared the pictures and I learned a lot.

I realized:
1. In my first pictures I didn't engage the bandhas. This motivated me to take the picture again. The bandhas are important.
2. The finger of the hands are together, also the thumb does not point to another direction as the fingers.
3. I saw that my head goes a bit forward. This makes the pose probably a bit easier. Neck and back are supposed to be in line.
4. I saw that my feet are somehow. The soles of the feet of Mr Iyengar are parallel to the wall. This is not unimportant as it shows that there is tension in the entire body. There is control over the entire body.

Iyengar yoga focuses on the precise performance of the asanas, while Ashtanga yoga focuses more on the flow, the uddjay breathing, the vinyasas. I think the correct performance of the asanas is also important for Ashtangis. I can learn a lot from the Iyengar style.

I recommend "Light on yoga" by B.K.S. Iyengar. 
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Melita said...

i just came across your blog and i love it, very well done!! when i first started taking yoga classes, i started with iyengar. while some may think that it's too rigid (and it can be sometimes) i think it builds the perfect foundation and blends beautifully with any other style of yoga. after studying iyengar for a few years, i tried out a vinyasa class and fell in love. that was really where my heart was at. but even in a fast paced vinyasa class, the iyengar cues came back into my head and although it was only a few seconds, i was able to hone in on the pose a little better due to my iyengar background. and now, after all of these years, i am finally a yoga teacher. i mainly teach vinyasa but my inner iyengar voice kicks in from time to time :)


Ursula said...

Thank you Melita for you comment.

I agree, we can learn from different yoga styles.
Ashtang is since 7 years my passion. Sometimes I look around not to switch but to see what others do......
Happy practices

Anonymous said...

Fantastic idea. I love it!

Sometimes I video my sequences to watch with a teachers eye and make adjustments. The practice always gets an over-haul after that.

Thanks for blogging. You've inspired me to post more often, but still not every day. Yet!

Ursula said...

For me everything is easier when I do it on a daily basis. I simply want to have it easy...hahahaha.

My experience is that reading blogs can be a daily habit. Readers want to have fresh stories every day. This is perhaps also one of the reasons why the numbers of my readers got more and more over the last 4 years....oh.