Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Last second series in a Mysore class before summer break

Today I'll go to a Mysore class again. It's Wednesday and I'll practice second series. Next week the summer break starts for two months. That means that some poses won't progress. Kapotasana probably will get worse, in best case I will hold my current level. But that's how it is, up and down.
It can be also good to practice on my own again, this is finally a goal.

Focus of the mind:
1. When I inhale I always focus on the breath

2. When I exhale
* first I check if I'm doing the asana as it is supposed to be (correct body position, relaxed neck, straight back, feet in the right position, hands?) and I am conscious of the breath,
* then I check if I use my bandhas and I am conscious of the breath
* then I check if my leg muscles are engaged and I am conscious of the breath,
* with the fourth exhaling I try to remember to relax the face and I am conscious of the breath,
* finally I enjoy being in that asana and I am conscious of the breath

I do not count, but I am sure I am 5 breaths in each asana.

Before doing the next pose, I try to remember the sanskrit name of the pose. This is also a good exercise for the mind.

The breath initiates the next movement, always...........

Thinking circles topics of my yoga practice. Nothing else, most of the time. Sometimes blog titles come up.

Afterwards the rest of my life comes into consciousness again.......all fiction, I think, all fiction.

Gregor Maehle: 

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rhh said...

Ursula said: <>

FOCUS OF THE MIND ... This reminder is so good. Something to focus on this week.


Ursula said...

I am pleased when you can use some of my thoughts....

Happy relaxed practices


Prabuddha said...

hi ursula, please post more pic if possible. you have discription is very precise. thankyou

Ursula said...

Hi Prabuddha,
I do what I can.
To satisfy my visual readers I have created a picture blog: