Friday, July 30, 2010

Last led class at yum yoga yesterday evening

During the day I way very busy with chores. I had to carry another book shelf to our home. Five times I had to go to the shop to get some shelf parts. At 5pm was our last led class at yum yoga, so I cancelled my own home practice in the morning.

We were four yesterday at the led class. My body is not at the top. Joints, right leg, left knee hurt. Nevertheless it is good to move the body, it is good to practice, but more modest, more attentively. All my discomfort is temporarily and this consoles me. I am very happy how resilient my body is, sometimes it is weak. I am in peace with it and give my body some extra love, like a hot bath with sandal wood salt yesterday in the evening.

Today is the last Mysore class before the summer break. Of course I'll go. I will practice attentively. It is likely good that summer break is coming. My home practices are more modest. My body can relax a bit more and it can heal.

Conclusion: Some discomfort does not mean that I have to stop practicing at all. Adjustments to the given situation are necessary, that's it.

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