Friday, July 23, 2010

How to find good yoga blogs.......

A warning in the beginning. Know that this can be a  long long reading session:

1. Yoga blogs, even Ashtanga yoga blogs you can find at .
2. Many yogis/yoginis link their blogs to other blogger with the same topic. Scroll down and often further blogs can be found.
3. Google: when you google "yoga blog" you will find me first....:)
4. Join twitter and search for "yoga", "Ashtanga". Yogis gather there, too.
5. Go to "my profile" here on blogger. Click on my interest "Asthanga yoga". Then further blogger come up with the same interest. The latest updated blog comes first.

And when you have read enough blogs, come back the next morning to my blog........:)



Heath Yoga said...

It is nice that when searching for yoga blogs your blog appears at #1 and this is very good blog in providing best yoga practices which can only we get when one go for Yoga Instructor Certification.

Ursula said...

Yep, I am the no 1.....:)


PS: It is because I write so often. Of course I'm flattered if you like the contents.

algarahuss said...

Ursula, I am an avid reader of blogs and since I have found yours I truly stopped searching for new yoga blogs. I like that you post so frequently and you practice beyond where I practice (primary series) so I can find motivation from you.

That being said I am always game for more like minded souls so thank you for helping in that matter...
However, I had trouble with this link. Many of the sites on the page would not load or gave me error messages.


Ursula said...

Thank you Liza.
Thank you also for the feed-back re the side, i think you refer to I had the same problems re this side. I know the woman who created this side, so I will ask here. I thought I have issues with my own PC. Sometimes I have difficulties to open my own page.
Happy practices.