Sunday, July 11, 2010

Excellent practice

I started before 12 o'clock with my morning practice. It is so helpful when it is warm or even hot outside. My practice was excellent. The body was bendy. I didn't need breaks.

Jumping forward: I tried to balance a bit on my hands before getting the legs through the arms. The position of the feet must change, when I don't want them to touch the arms. The toes must point forward. To engage the bandhas (belly in) helps a lot.

After the standing sequence I exercised handstand against the wall. The hands /finger help to balance.

My right leg is still overstretched and hurts. This didn't hold me back to put my legs (one after the other ) behind my head after supta kurmasana. Ambition!!!!! At least I practiced slowly and with care and attention.

I practiced full vinyasa to develop strength.

After such a good practice I consider to do a second yoga practice in the evening. Not in order to do the full programme but to exercise 2 or 3 asanas, that I'm learning. Let's see, perhaps I manage it this evening to practice.

We'll stay at home. It's hot outside. In our rooms it is comfortable, even cool........

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