Monday, July 19, 2010

"Do you want a new pose?"

M: Do you want a new pose?
Me: Yes! It is Gaumukhasana then.
M: OK.

Yeah, I like to practice all the poses of the second series. One pose is still missing after gaumukhasana. It is supta urdhva pada vajrasana. It's good to get used of this name as soon as possible, it seems difficult to remember. And I won't forget these headstands. But then I am through. Then I can practice all the asanas of the second series. This was my Ashtanga yoga goal for 2010. No, I am not able to do all the poses as it is supposed to be. I am learning these asanas. I am convinced: only when I exercise them I will be able to do them one day comme il faut. I am not at all a fan of waiting. But if M wouldn't have asked me, I would have been happy as well. I am so far already. I was so supported during the last months. I got so much more than I could have expected. I am very very happy with everything. I mean I want to build my jobs around the Mysore classes, this speaks volumes. Nevertheless it pleased me to hear him asking. How nice, to ask.......:)

Ah, I had an excellent practice this morning. Especially urdhva dhanurasana was good, at least it felt so.
When I do tittibasana B I don't use a strap anymore. This is also progress. Oh yes, I sweated. Summer time is great for yoga.

And now I am studying the book by Gregor Maehle to get some additional information about this pose.

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