Saturday, July 17, 2010

David Swenson

A few days ago I wrote about my first yoga book. It was "Light on yoga" by B.K.S. Iyengar.
Twenty-five years ago only the yoga style by B.K.S. Iyengar was known here in Germany.
I haven't heard of anything else.

Asthanga yoga is a yoga style that becomes more and more popular. I discovered Asthanga yoga 7 years ago. I had to learn from books. My first Ashtanga yoga book was the one by David Swenson "Ashtanga yoga". I get back to it till now, and so I will do the next decade, shall I practice Ashtanga yoga so long (I fear I will.). This book deserves the title "The Ashtanga Bible".

Why is this book so excellent:
1. First and second series are described.
2. The book also contains "short forms" for busy people.
3. To each asana is a picture of the pose, the sanskrit name and the translation into English
4. The book is a spiral book. This has the huge advantage that I can have it open on my sofa. In the beginning of my practice I couldn't remember the order of the asanas. So this was very helpful.
5. David practices Ashtanga yoga for decades. The shown asanas are perfect.
6. He has recommendations how to learn an asana.
7. He also shows poses that can be practiced before the too challenging asana can be practiced.
8. It's a step by step guide, neverhteless easy to read.
9. I could go on and on.
10. Your comments are welcomed. I am sure many practitioners have this excellent Asthanga yoga book. Why do you love this book?

It is available on, and

David Swenson, a passionate Ashtanga yoga practitioner has written down his experiences gathered over decades. Buy it, it's worth it.
It IS possible to learn from books.

Here it is:


Debb said...

This looks perfect, just what I am looking for.
Thank you, thank you, Ursula, for the suggestion.

Ursula said...

There are a lot of reviews on amazon. It is possible to make a decision. Wink!

Alice said...

Oh Ursula, you keep making me want more books! I might buy this one from Amazon UK.

Thanks for all the info.

Ursula said...

Thank you for buying via my blog.
And yes, this book is worth buying. You will get back to it again and again.


Claudia said...

Hi Ursula great post, I also bought this book pretty much as soon as I began practicing, the pictures and the adjustments for beginners are amazing :-)

algarahuss said...

This book is exactly as you said, the Ashtanga Bible. I will often find when I am really close to "getting" into a pose fully or, needing to know more about it to do just that, I can go back to David's book and find more information than I had remembered (or assimilated) previously. The best part in these instances are the "helpful hints" which will often give me the last little push I need to get into the pose with better activation.
I do not have his DVD but I am now looking to buy it online. (I will get there via your blog, as I know it helps a little bit.)


Krishna said...

Dear Ursula

Thanks for the wonderful information about Dvaid Swenson's book on Ashtanga .Right now I am in the same boat as you were 7 years back i.e I am a beginner to Ashtanga without a Astanga Yoga Teacher ( although I had practiced the Sivananda form of Yoga for more than 10 years )and I will use David Swenson's book as my main reference and will also buy his short form DVDs to start with .Your blog is highly useful in helping me plan my journey for Ashtanga properly .

Ursula said...

Thank you to everybody for the comments.
And thank you for buying via my blog.

The book by Swenson is great. You get more for your money.
So incredible much effort and time went into the book. Each asana is pictured. There are tips to each asana, and and and. Yeah, enjoy reading this book over years, perhaps even decades.

Happy satisfying practices to everybody.