Friday, July 16, 2010

At Four Points with B

B picked me up from led class yesterday in the evening. There was a reopening party at "Four Points" and she was invited. We like to go to such events. It's an opportunity to meet again, to chat and to enjoy free drinks....hahahaha. For me it was water, my favourite one: Pellegrino.
A few years ago we learned together about accounting in that hotel, we prepared this huge accounting test and passed it.

I couldn't convince her to try a Ashtanga yoga class. I fear our chanting was too esoteric for her. Hahahahaha.

At 10 I was at home. E was still out. Never he is at home when I come home later, I thought. Hahahaha. He was at a party, too. A minute later he was back and we went to the Glypthotek to sit around there for a while. It's party time there at night, too. Students bring their food and drinks. Sometimes someone plays the guitar. Some guys light candles. Some youngsters kiss each other in a way that one thinks that more will happen later. Party time in other words.

Of course I asked B if I may publish this picture.

There are other possibilites to move the body than doing Ashtanga yoga: To go by bicycle is one:

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