Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Ashtanga yoga - second series today

Oh, my practice was excellent at the Mysore class. Second series was on the schedule. The heat here helps so much to bend the body in all possible and impossible directions. Oh, I sweated a lot.
When M says "good" when he makes kapotasana out of me, I do not answer back (also when it feels differently when I do this pose).
I gave my best. This is not possible each time I practice. But today oh, the body and the mind practiced together and supported each other. Ah this feels good. Even mayurasana improved a bit......

To practice daily is the best what one can do.

Two newcomers were part of the group. It's good when we become more.

V has bought. It was her last day with us. Change everywhere. Soon she will be in India. I will miss her. I loved her calm and steady practice.

Second series:

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