Friday, July 23, 2010

Ashtanga yoga, a mental exercise?

Ashtanga yoga a mental exercise? Yes, yes, yes, also.

It starts right from the beginning on.
1. Not to discuss if I practice or not is the first exercise.
2. Then I usually focus on the breath, but it can be also something else I focus on. And fact is it is not only the breath I focus on, but also the bandhas, the correct performance of an asana, the straight back, dristhi and and and......
3. To stay committed for the entire practice is the next mental exercise. Not to leave the mat has something to do with concentration, not only with needing a break because the body is exhausted.

Friday (today) was my last Mysore class of this week.
I had again a most intensive Ashtanga yoga week, my body needs a rest day tomorrow. Also the practice today was great. The attitude today was: take it easy. But as soon as I was on the mat, I was committed and went to my limits. I sweated a lot. I could be in handstand for 5 breaths without being held. Back bending felt good. When it was over I was glad. I know much more what it means to go to the limits. I engage the muscles i.e., I go into the asanas as far as I can, I breath deeply.
Yeah. A day off now.

I enjoy the fresh air. It is raining here and I wait till E will come home from work. We'll go to the Greek restaurant this evening. Finally a bit time for us again.

Manduka yoga mat:


bindifry said...

"I could be in handstand for 5 breaths without being held. "

well done!

Ursula said...

Practice and all is coming I think. But I practice handstand either against the wall or when M is close to me to hold me in case I would fall.....:)
Handstand seems doable, this IS the good news.