Thursday, July 22, 2010

Ashtanga yoga home practice

I quote:
"The next level of yoga is to develop a home practice. And if you never do that, well, it’s kind of like only seeing your husband out at bars. It’s like he’s hanging out at the same bars he’s been hanging out at for ten years, and his bar friends are getting younger and sloppier and more intolerable." Joslyn Hamilton in elephant journal.
Please note: this quote is out of context. The title of the article is: My yoga breakup. I only liked the metaphor and I think it is good to have a home practice.

One of the huge advantages of yoga  is: I only need a mat and some fancy and comfortable clothes, then I can practice where ever I am, whenever I want. It is something for independent people (free birds). The Mysore classes prepare for a home practice.

This would be my recommendation: From the first yoga class on, start also your home practice. It can be enough to do a few sun salutations. But this is the beginning to build something for yourself.

I am ready for a "morning practice". I am not sure if I can go to a led class this evening. I get something repaired here, and one never knows when these craftsmen arrive. Grghhhhh.

I will focus on back bending. It can be that I only practice till open, to let go, to be fearless are the thoughts that accompany my back bending exercises.

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Alice said...

Hi Ursula

I have just joined my first yoga class. It's helping with my technique and alignment.

My David Sewnson Practice Manual has arrived. I love it, thanks!

I wanted to ask you: what was your flexibility like before you started yoga? I know it has improved a lot, as I see you have practiced for years to get some of the more difficult postures. I am pretty inflexible and was wondering if I will ever improve enough even if I practice (I know "enough" is very subjective in the case of yoga...) I'm forty-four years old, healthy a reasonable weight for my height and build (could do with less fat, in reality!)

Thanks for your helpful posts, Ursula. I hope you don't mind me asking this question. I understand you are busy.

Ursula said...

Dear Alice,
I like to read these news from you.
I started with Ashtanga yoga when I was your age. I am 51 now.
I was not able to do many poses and I thought I'd never able to do them. I have changed my mind. Nowadays I say I am not yet able to do it. Progress is slower than in my youth, but I still progress.
I am stiff by nature. When I started with Ashtanga yoga my finger tips could scarcly touch the floor when I bowed forward.
Practice and you will be amazed what will be possible. There are ups and downs, simply go on.
Happy practices.

Alice said...

Thank you SO much, Ursula. I can't tell you how encouraging this is for me - you could hardly touch the floor! I'm so excited to know that if I keep on trying, little by little I will improve.

I look at your asana photos and find the lines of the postures beautiful. If I could do that!

THANK YOU for taking the time to help!

Alice said...

I meant to say: 51! You look vibrantly younger. It must be the energy you create within!

Ursula said...

It's a plessure to me when I can add some joy to your life.
Yes, you have good reasons to be optimistic. Practice and all is coming, P. Jois used to say.
Enjoy, it is an exciting path you follow.

All the best

funkykingston said...

Alice I'd like to offer that I have been practicing for four years since I was 30 and as a very stiff man i can now only just get the tips of my hands to the floor during practice. This is annoying but around two years in I realised that it will not matter if I spend a lifetime of ashtanga unable to jump back or get my palms to the floor.