Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Yogini E and me

We were 2, to make the think become true. In the beginning we thought we should have cancelled our meeting as we were only 2 and it was raining and it is cold and and and. But I know now we would have missed something. She wouldn't have practiced at all probably and I would have had a lousy practice with too many breaks.

The performance of the asanas was secondary for me today. The breath and flow was my focus. E and me had a deep breath till the end. I remember a few years ago, I always forgot the breath. To remind myself again and again and again and again obviously had consequences, positive ones. Pashasana was possible. I had folded the blanket a bit higher, who cares. Sigh and smiling.

No extras were exercised in order to learn the asanas that I am not able to do when I practice second series. Bhakasana B (jumping into this pose) was simply omitted. Pincha mayurasana I practiced once against the wall. Done. Further. Further. Flow. Flow, breathing.

We, E and me finished our practice at the same time. "Thank you, E," I had to say. I know I had such a good practice because we practiced together. Sometimes I call it group pressure, but I will substitute this word: It's group support.

The new Edeka grocery store round the corner is so fantastic. I had to stop again on my way home. They even have my vegan products (desserts and yogurt). At home I had a standing party in my kitchen: I ate guacamole with Chips (also vegan food can be unhealthy).
Tomorrow is a day off, I have now ingredients for a soup at home or pasta, I shall see.

This evening I'll watch TV: Marcel Reich-Ranicki has his 90th birthday today. So often I was entertained when watching the programme "Das literarische Quartett" (A programme on mainly German literature). It is simply unique how he speaks about books, entertainment at its best. His own autobiography is a bestseller, a page-turner how the Americas say.
Yep: click, buy and enjoy. Thank you.

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