Friday, June 11, 2010


Mysore class this morning was great.
To jump through becomes better. I imagine it I try it, I fail, I try it again, I fail and then suddenly the feet do not touch the floor anymore when they fly forward. Next time they are stopped again, but I try again and I fail and again and again and again.........

M helped me with urdhva dhanurasana. Also this pose becomes better. During my lifetime I'll be able to stand up from this pose, I thought today. I must think of a present for me when this happens.

To practice, to practice, to practice, to practice is the secret.

(My fellow yoginis and yogis are not so interested in soccer. "Does it start today?" I heard. Hahahaha)

At home again, I cut a fresh pineapple and put my soy chocolate pudding over it.

A lot activities have to be done. Since a few days I cannot open the stat counter page anymore. E recommended to go to a cafe with a hot spot to try it there. On Sunday he'll be back and then he'll help me. Perhaps a new browser will do........

For those who need some ideas for vegan food I posted a link to amazon. Enjoy.

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