Friday, June 04, 2010

Yoga off the mat

Yoga off the mat: So often I've heard this sentence, but what is meant with it?
First I filled my bath tub with warm water and added 2 table spoons of sandal wood salt. I still felt the intensive Mysore class in my muscles. Shall my muscles relax in a hot bath, I thought.

And this is it already: yoga off the mat. To take care of the body is yoga off the mat. It is possible to take care in many ways: It can be a hot bath or healthy food.

To breathe deeply is another way to do yoga off the mat (it needn't to be uddjay breathing all the time, hahahaha). With the breath I have a certain control about the feelings. Calm breathing also calms the mind and the feelings. To observe the breath makes life to a meditation.

To develop a relaxed attitude towards life. Ups and downs are part of life and part of the daily yoga practice. This is so. It remains to accept what is. Why the effort to change what cannot be changed. Up and down, how exciting......hahahaha.


rhh said...

Exactly!!! This is why I find yoga and Mindfulness meditation (Vipassana or Insight Meditation) the perfect combination for me.

The yoga keeps my body health to stand the stress, and the meditation helps me reduce the stress.


Ursula said...

This is wonderful.
Even though I just wondered what could create stress in your life.

But probably the stress leves remains the same during life....:)

Happy practices to you....:)

bindifry said...

love this!

Ursula said...

:) Thank you.

Mel said...

You hit it bullseye in describing what yoga off the mat is all about. Stress is something that we dont cause but comes along as we move along life. Dealing with it is another matter and yoga and meditation has keep me going all through these years. Namaste!