Wednesday, June 16, 2010

yoga class

The picture shows another exercise that shall open the shoulders. I am on my knees, thighs are vertikal. The chest pulls to the floor. It's good to hold this pose for perhaps 20 breaths. Then the body relaxes. I exercise this pose before kapotasana, the deepest back bending of the second series.

Wednesday already. I am so lucky that I could go to a Mysore class again. Today my body was willing, the mind, too. I did what was possible. To learn means to cultivate patience. Between the asanas I take some additional breaths, otherwide I try to stick to the correct vinyasa count.

Soccer time again: It's an opportunity to exercise yoga seats like padmasana (lotus pose). But also side split can be exercised easily......:)

E is back, he gave me two books as a present.....:). I love both, he knows my taste. One of the books is:

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