Wednesday, June 02, 2010

yoga class

Today we'll be alone again, without teacher, when we meet to practice together. So far we are two enthusiastic yoginis, but two is already enough to create energy.
We have again a wonderful room for our practice. In the early afternoon we'll meet and I'm looking forward to it.

Yeah, if it will become a stiff practice, it is always possible to modify the practice:
- It is possible to stay longer in the asana.
- It is possible to practice slower. The attitude can be: take it easy today.
- Focus on the breath and not on the performance of my asanas is also useful, when the body is unwilling from time to tome.

I will practice second series today till parighasana. This morning I'll do visualization re the back bending asanas. Shall this support my practice. The mind likes to have tasks. Consciously making pictures and movies is also a helpful ability, that must be exercised.
Yoga exercises to bring the quick mind and the slow body together. Shall mind and body dance together in the same direction.

There was no reason to go to bed early: my yoga practice is after lunch today. At midnight I saw that they'd broadcast a movie by Fassbinder: Die Ehe der Maria Braun. I had to watch. It was almost 2am when I was in bed. Why not.

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