Thursday, June 10, 2010

Weather conditions

It's hot here. It was 5 when the led class started. The sun was still shining, it had almost 30° Celsius which is seldom here. I expected my yoginis and yogis in the swimming pools of the city. But no, the room was full of yogis and yoginis who wanted to sweat, while practicing primary.

The weather is (next to the time (evening or morning), weight) another factor that has immense influence on the practice. It makes my body bendy. Heat is able to bend iron. Heat has also the capability to cook the body soft. Consequence: I was astonished about my urdhva dhanurasana, this deep back bending pose. The feeling came up that the day approaches where I can stand up from this pose. Let's see how I see it tomorrow, when it will be fresher here and when I'll practice in the morning.........

To sweat is part of the practice and I sweated a lot today. It shall clean the body.
I feel good. The sun is still shining, my balcony doors are open. Time to read on my sofa: Brazil and blogging are the topics that interest me most for the time being.

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