Thursday, June 03, 2010


I practiced primary today, full vinyasa. Not only during the first part of the till navasana I practiced full vinyasa, but also during the second part. Redundant to say that I sweated despite the fresh weather outside. My rooms are warm.

I concentrated on my breath. The breath has so many aspects.
1. Inhaling and exhaling have the same length. Between the breaths is a little pause.
2. The breath initiates the movement and not the other way round.
3. Breath and movement shall match.

4. I focused especially on the correct vinyasa count. I realized that I take a few extra breaths when in downward dog and before jumping through. This became a habit. But I don't need this preparation or rest. Today I only exhaled and with the inhaling I jumped. It was possible.

(The 2kg paunch must disappear again. It does not console me that every second German citizen is too fat and overweight nowadays. This is in the news here and what I see: it is true.)

Oh yeah, I feel content that I had such an intensive practice.
Tomorrow Mysore class with M. Ah, I am looking forward to it.

First I bath.
Then I'll prepare a leek-carrot soup for myself. As a dessert I give myself strawberries. This shall be enough for my little body. I want to fly through the asanas again!!!

A book recommendation: Ramesh Balsekar - Confusion no more.

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