Sunday, June 20, 2010

vinyasa yoga

I started my yoga week with primary. It must have been afternoon already when I stepped on my mat as it is rather late  now. The body was surprisingly flexible. I practiced full vinyasa in the middle part of the practice. I was no more able to do full vinyasa during the closing sequence.

Urdhva dhanurasana: Only to see if I am still able to do it, I dropped back. The feet were parallel on the mat and I dropped back without too much fear. I stretched my arms towards the floor when I lost control and I could hold me safely. What I want now is no more to drop back somehow, it shall be correct. The asana aims at opening the front of the body, the hips and the upper chest. This is why I added hanumanasna to my practice. Hanumanasana lengthens the front side of the body between leg and corpse. This is helpful for urdhva dhanurasana. This allows to let the hands walk closely to the feet.

After urdhva dhanurasana I am no more able to hold plank pose. My arms are too weak then. It shows me that I practiced till my limits. Progress comes slowly, but it comes.

My practice was a good preparation for tomorrow when I practice second series. This is for sure. I sweated a lot which is part of the practice.

Something else I realized. Ashtanga yoga is a very dynamic practice due to all these vinyasas between the asanas. But there is also a calm part. It is when the asanas are held for 5 breaths (earlier it was 8 breaths). To my taste I move too much when I hold the asanas. To be more passive to let go is my intention next time.

I deserve a second breakfast now.......:)

A book of a yogi who practices for decades: "The only way out is in."


MikBlogger said...

You deserves a second breakfast indeed !
These asanas aaren't easy to enter to. So congratulations.
And what a huge feeling of confidence when you manage these.

Ursula said...

Thank you. Yeah it is much fun to do all these poses. For some poses I need years to be able to perform them like it is supposed to be. This is OK...