Monday, June 07, 2010

Vinyasa Ashtanga

I know why I make all the efforts to find a money source that allows me to go three times a week to a Mysore class with M: It was excellent again. This is my personal luxury. I don't want to give it up anymore. I will be creative to make it true: The mornings are mine and I want to practice Ashtanga yoga in the morning either in a Mysore class or alone.

Not that this means that it is always easy. I started with the first surya namaskara A and I was so stiff. Stiff means, the finger tips could scarcely touch the floor. "I am so stiff today", I said to U. She felt stiff, too. Hahahaha.
My focus was the breath and a bit more precise: The breath is supposed to initiate the movement and this was my focus today.

I practiced till parighasana: M showed me an exercise how to improve the pose. I must take a picture.

Asanas that I want to practice beside my practice: It is side split and forward split and handstand and forearm stand. I am so sure that these few asanas improve my practice. I am so motivated to do extra exercises after each and every Mysore class.

So and on  my way home I didn't stop at Richart to buy a antipasti sandwich. I want to revive my vegan blog. I will prepare a salad for myself now. It's something new that I want to taste: fennel with apple.

My to do list is long today:
I need a new lamp, I must go to the doctor to get a prescription for my thyroid gland. I want to order a new shelf (it's necessary). Enough, enough.
Click, buy, read it and get things done.....:) Thank you.

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