Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Uttanasana A

No, this was not my yoga day so far. After the suryas I stopped. I took pictures of uttanasana and then I gave up.
On the picture uttanasana A can be seen. Uttanasana B is when the shoulders go forward.
Again I see how much picture help me to improve my practice. I see i.e. that the back is not straigtht. The crest pulls to the floor not to the shin bone, M uses to say. The finger and toes are in line, but I think the hands can go a bit more backwards so that they are in line with the verses. I remember that I engaged the bandhas (belly in).
This pose is surely not considered as one of the difficult ones, but I see how much I can improve it. There is still so much distance between the belly and the legs.
There is no simple asana.

Digital cameras can help to improve the asanas:

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