Sunday, June 06, 2010

Upavishta konasana A

Blocks are a tabu in Asthanga yoga. My personal approach: What helps is allowed.
There is still along way down. I mean the chin shall touch the floor not the front. My personal ambition is it to keep the back straight. There is the tendency that the elbows go up to the ceiling. I try to keep the arms parallel to the shin bone. Inhaling means I stretch forward. Exhaling means engaging both bandhas (inside the body and belly) and then going deeper into the pose. And again the same game, and again. I like this pose, but yeah what I see is it will take some time till the chin can say hello to the floor in that pose.

Yep, a late flexible practice happens. The body is flexible. I am sweating. Sweating is also part of the practice. It is considered as cleaning and cleansing the body.

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