Wednesday, June 02, 2010


Traffic, traffic, traffic.........
Traffic is a keyword when making money online. I remembered that I had a private blog on three years ago! Oh was I astonished when I read that this was all already so long ago. It became online clutter. It served for nothing. I deleted the posts and everything. But then I had the idea to link a blog on to my blog here on Some of my fellow bloggers switched to wordpress. More bloggers and readers are on wordpress, it is said. It offers also more features, a statistic is installed I use statcounter here and had to install in myself. I am used to blogspot and I don't like to switch after 4 years of blogging here. But I created a blog on wordpress with one page that shall usher interested readers to my blog here:
Why not do this systematically, I wondered. But I do not know further free blogger software, but blogspot and wordpress.

This is the link:  The name myyogablog was already used by someone who made the last entry in 2007. So it is.

I am still a bit hesitant to lead traffic to my blog, because I consider this blog as rather private. But I think I still have illusions. This blog is a public blog. And what I write can be read by everybody who has Internet access.
In the beginning of this blog (4 years ago) more people found my blog via Nowadays people fnd me via the search engines of google. Ursula, yoga blog, my yoga blog.....and I come first....:)

The name of a blog is crucial. The simpler the better. Unconsciously I found a rather simple name for my blog 4 years ago: my yoga blog. This says what it is about and it is easy to remember. This unconscious decision is luck for me now.

PS: The statistic shows me that readers leave my blog via the links to amazon.
The statistic also shows me that readers seem to find something here that is interesting: More than 10% of yesterdays readers were more than one hour on my blog. I consider this as rather long.

Something to read and learn:

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