Saturday, June 05, 2010

Thank you

Thank you to my readers who click and buy, thank you.
I just learned from the amazon reports that I have reached my goal for June. This was to double the income, that I had in May. In figures this means that I have earned more than 1.68 USD this month already.
No this goal remains as it it. When I want to double it every month, it goes up quickly enough.
I need the time to learn about online marketing.

Actions that I do regularly: I check the google adwords. I go on writing. I link every post with something to buy (mostly I add "click, buy and thank you".

To add as well a link to German amazon.
To write reviews, to give reasons why a book is worth reading and buying.

Surprise: People buy books that I do not have recommended, but were probably recommended. Important for amazon seems to be if buyers come from my side. What they buy is not so important.

Feelings: I feel joy today that it works. Otherwise I feel like in the darkness. I do something without being able to imagine the results. Each little step leads to the next.

Picture: Fennel, it looks like a hand with six fingers.

Currently reading to learn more about business:


Claudia said...

Ursula, this is great, nothing better than fulfilling goals! you go.

Just in case you are looking for more optimization, I recommend you check out this guy @, he has LOTS of ideas on how to work with your blog, i even bought his e-book because is so full of insight.

Ursula said...

Thank you Claudia,
also thank you for the recommendation.

I've found them already. They are great these guys. They really share their knowledge.....and they earm money.
Yeah, I just ordered their book, too.