Friday, June 04, 2010

Tension - relaxation

Now I remember: something else I realized during the practice today. When I practice all these forward bending asanas, I engage my leg muscles (50%). This helps to adjust the pose. The sole of the foot is parallel to the wall when the muscles are engaged. The engaged muscles  protect the body to get injured/overstretched, because the engaged leg does not allow to go too deep into an asana. But other body parts are relaxed. The hips relax, the upper part of the body is relaxed and the face. When doing a pose it is engaging some muscles and relaxing other muscles at the same time. The opposites unite.
To let go or relaxation, is surely a key word when doing yoga. The engaged muscles give the protection that the mind needs to let go or to relax other body parts.

There is another post in the pipeline.......but I want to take a picture first.

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