Thursday, June 10, 2010

Step by step

I was reading about blogging and making money with it. Darren Rawse and Chris Garrett are the Gurus, who made it and share their knowledge in the book "problogger". They have the ability to destruct illusions and making hope at the same time. Nevertheless I had to gulp the frog. Darren has had up to 20 blogs and sometimes he wrote 50 posts a day. Hahahaha, even for me, who sits hours behind the PC, thinks this is a lot: 20 blogs - OMG. This can only grow slowly and this cannot be created in a month or so.

I have now 2 blogs. This blog here, my little pet and which is a bit neglected but a nice blog, too.
But beside blogging there is a lot of other work to do. I struggle with the technique. I am not able to upload a shop on my blog. Since a few days statcounter is not available anymore. This drives me crazy. I try and try and try, with no success (difficult asanas, I think).

Step by step I will make my way through the jungle...........yep.

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