Thursday, June 24, 2010


Buh, I slept as if I had played soccer yesterday evening. What an exciting evening on the sofa. Finally the first goal happened and it remained the only one. We won, Ghana lost, but they are further, too. Relief. Relief was felt. Oh, what we've trembeled.

How much easier is yoga: I do not have to win. To enjoy the practice is the goal........

I want to practice second series in the morning. In the evening I will go to a led class, then we are led through primary.

So many other things are on the schedule: my desk needs's my working place here, it shall be beautiful and clean........(Oh no, I haven't heard anything from the company where I had the interview, now already two days ago. It shall be OK for me.........)

Tomorrow I'll fly to the north of Germany. E is invited to a party. A professor has his 60s birthday. He wants me to come with him and I am invited, too. E wants me for the conversations so that he has time to enjoy the food without having conversations at the same time. I like to play this role. I talk more and eat less, he eats more and talks less. This pleases both of us.
I will travel without yoga mat and without PC.........hahahahaha, what an exercise.

Something for the mind. I appreciate all 3 books of Jed McKenna. They are entertaining and worth reading:


OldBoy said...

What u call this on your head??

Ursula said...

I'd call this a ribbon.

OldBoy said...

I was expecting the answer "turban"