Monday, June 28, 2010

Slow practice

Two days no yoga practice is simply one day too much. One day to relax the body is good but 2 days off means that the next practice will be stiff. So it was. M and the group helped me to have a more intensive practice that I would have had if I practiced alone at home. I was not really unhappy despite the felt stiffness, because I did what was possible. I was committed. To make it a bit easier I practiced slowly. Why hurry when I have time?!!

I focused on the breath of course, especially when I start a new movement. The breath initiates each movement. When I exhale (which happens from alone) I usually focus on the  bandhas. Today I focused on a relaxed face. During each asana muscles are engaged, others are relaxed. Finally this is body control. The face is always relaxed.

Do we yogis and yoginis need aniPod?

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