Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Second series

When I practice first series I have the feeling that I practice this series.
When I practice second series I have the feeling as if I am learning.

After the summer break M wants to start karandavasana with pincha mayursana. Nowadays I do sirsasana, then I cross my legs to padmasana, then I lift myself up into pincha mayurasana. Balancing becomes better. Most difficult will be to come up when the legs are on the arms. Step by step also this pose can be mastered.
In the summer break I will exercise pincha mayursana. Perhaps I should go more far away from the wall.

Practice and all is coming I think. Repetition is the key to master the poses. Everything that I do so far seems within reach during my lifetime.......

So and now I must take a pic of a yoga pose for the German soccer team this evening.

Btw: I update my vegan blog much more often than in the past: .

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