Monday, June 14, 2010

Second series

Me to M: I haven't practiced yesterday. I hope it won't be hard today.
M: You will survive it.

I survived, but this was it.
Not those are the heroes who practice every day, but those who stop and have breaks of a few days and then they start again. This is difficult. All practices are volatile. There is either up or down, better or worse than the last practice. But the valleys are deeper for those who don't have a regular practice. This I realized today after only 2 lazy days.

Lightness was a vocabulary from a language I haven't heard so far. I felt heavy, so heavy, like a van. Even to lift up the arms seemed to be hard work. Perhaps I am also a bit too critical, because I managed it to bring the leg behind the head. Yes, I can remember this. But how I did it. Slow and yeah the lightness was missed. I practiced. And I hope that this was the valley today and that it goes upwards again tomorrow.

I have an appointment at the dentist tomorrow, so I will practice in the afternoon. Then the body is already softer than in the morning.

Picture is taken somewhere in South Africa.

Second Ashtanga series with Mr Swenson:

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