Thursday, June 03, 2010


It is the evening of the dayayay. I watched the movie about the life of Uschi Obermeier and not soccer. World Cup is coming soon and I will have enough opportunities to see men running behind a ball. They played songs about the Rolling Stones in the movie and I had my first sentence: It is the evening of the dayayay and I better move on, means I better go to bed. M, the yoga teacher is back. I can go to a Mysore class again in the morning. M hopefully makes me bendy again. Especially the back bending, urdhva dhanurasana needs support or adjustments how the Ashtangis call it.

Bed time. I like the nights, but being well-rested for tomorrows practice is more important.

Ashtanga yoga: Primary tomorrow, because it is Friday. Click and buy, thank you! :)

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Marina said...

Tips for yoga in your book are too good.
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