Sunday, June 13, 2010


At 7am my alarm clock woke me up. At 8am I got up.......:)

It's Sunday, this is the day I practice primary. I haven't tried yet to reach the floor with my finger tips, so I don't know  if I'm a bit stiff today or very stiff.......
Primary on Sundays serve as a preparation for the most intensive Mysore class on Monday.

Also today I will focus on the breath. The breath initiates the movements and it is even and deep.

It's good to move the body and not only to watch how others move their bodies (soccer!). Hahahaha.

For those yoginis and yogis who share my passion for soccer watching, here is a link to a soccer blog, written by my friend Anthony.

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Anthony Godinho said...

Thanks Ursula for linking to my soccer blog. It has kept me busy, but I'm enjoying it. I will be getting down to my Health & Wellness blog soon and hopefully you can write a guest article, for my blog, may be on the benefits of Yoga and will reciprocate as well.