Thursday, June 03, 2010

The poll

I had a poll on my blog lately about the ads on my blog. Thank you for voting.

The result:
5 (16%) people like it
16 (53%) people don't like it
9 (30%) people don't care.

In total 30 people voted during one week. This is not even 40% of my regular daily readers. So the result does not say very much. Those who like it and those who don't care and those who buy must be added. Then it's about 50:50, some like it, some don't like it. It's like in real life.

I liked to have a gadget on my blog (beside the comments) that allows to communicate with readers. I will surely use it again.

This blog is called: my yoga blog. It still serves to keep me motivated to practice. And it gives me opportunity to write about it. Something new is added now. Links to amazon and new topics. Enjoy.


Meg said...

Hello !
It's my first comment, even though I've been reading your posts for five months now. I wanted to let you know your blog is very inspiring for the new yogi I am :)
It feels good to follow you through your path with yoga, I read it every morning, it gives me motivation and helps me asking myself questions, to see things differently.
I think your blog is a good companion to your everyday practice.
Thank you for sharing so much with us !

Ursula said...

Thank you very much Meg,
I like to practice yoga and I like to write about it.

I hope that also my book recommendations can be inspiring from time to time. I'd be glad if I had suggestions 7 years ago.

Happy practices to you. I saw that you just started a blog. It complements perfectly: to practice yoga and to write about it is double motivation. Enjoy both.