Tuesday, June 15, 2010


It's difficult to use only words when I want to describe what I do to learn parighasana.
On the picture can be seen a preparation of the pose, not the final pose. Both hands shall hold the foot finally.
The shoulder that is closer to the floor shall move forward. When I hold the wrist of the other leg I can give me sort of adjustment. When I was long enough (several relaxing breaths) in that asana, I hold the foot with both hands and try to open the upper chest. Then the other side follows.

The legs form an ankle of 90°. This is a challenge for me, too. To exercise side split is another additional asana I want to practice more often to master those poses like parighasana.

This pose looks easy, but it isn't.
Especially for me it is true: what I exercise I am able to do. What I do not exercise becomes difficult.

Oh, it was a late practice today, but a good one. What a surprise.
Ashtanga second series:


bindifry said...

i love iron bar pose

Ursula said...

It's a wonderful pose, but my body must get used to it. It's a side stretch, surely good for the body, too.