Saturday, June 12, 2010

No yoga

Today is my yoga free day. I do not practice one of the series. The body appreciates this rest day. It can be that I will practice pranayama and meditation, I shall see. But I have to wash my yoga clothes .....  hahahahaha.

Yesterday I got a phone call, a job offer. I said that I was available. On Monday I'll hear more. For 4 weeks or a few weeks longer I'd work as an accountant then, starting point: AT ONCE. Flees (money) must jump in my direction. I know that I will miss most soccer games of the World Cup and I will have to practice yoga on my own, always, but that's how it is. There is no choice. My online projects are not yet flying. An interim solution must be lived. How it comes it shall be OK for me. I am relaxed.

Saturday: The shops are open. I can or better have to go to the shelf shop again. This shop owner wants an advance payment. I wonder why he didn't asked for it when I ordered the shelf. He surely wanted to see me again (irony). Now I have to go to that shop again.
Sunday: Germany is playing, Munich will be like deserted. Either people will watch at home or they will do public viewing. Exciting times, entertaining times.
And last but not least: E will be back (smiling) after 4 weeks.

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