Monday, June 07, 2010

New insights

One blog won't be enough to make a decent flow of money. I felt it: it would become work, hahahaha.
I have another blog. It started 2006, too, but was more or less neglected during the times when I was busy with other activities. The blog is called I added mainly my recipes there.

Another insight is that it makes only sense to write a blog for a niche. 

Ashtanga yoga is a niche (here in Germany people do not even know what it is)
A vegan life style is a niche.
Further niche I have an interest in: blogging, journaling,

I struggle with the technique to implement stores on my blog. Amazon is really helpful. I write a question and the next day I have the answer (which leads to the next question)..........yeah, but I have the feeling I get help.

Actions today:
1. To update my vegan blog and to connect with and
2. To write a review about  a yoga book on my beloved yoga blog.

And here are the experts:

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