Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Mysore class

Ah, how wonderful, I can go to a Mysore class again.
Blogs are so motivating. This time I speak about my vegan blog ( ). I like to pubish  recipes, so this means I have to prepare something. My own food is usually healthier than the food in restaurants. This morning I realized with joy that I approach my favouite weight.
Pashasana will be great today.

I will practice second series today. This makes me happy. I am convinced that a balanced practice has deep forward bending (1st series) and deep back bending asanas (2nd series).

Focus shall be the breath again. Yeah. Focusing on the breath makes the practice easier......:)

I am late already......I must hurry.....

Yoga Mala, a classic:

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globalprofeesional said...

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